Roman Volkov

Videogame UI/UX Design

Even despite my consumer-focused UX design body of work, I've also had quite a bit of experience and involvement with videogame UI/UX design over my last 8 years of work in the industry too. Game design remains one of my biggest passions, especially when paired with the right team.

I am currently looking to move to Hong Kong, whilst designing some new, innovative solutions with a creative team in Novosibirsk, Russia in the meantime.

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I can work in variety of styles and specifications, but primarily specialize in modern and minimal. I've already worked both on the casual games market, and in the III-game development.

Project showcase


Unnamed project

Action adventure, Protected under NDA

I cannot say a lot about this project yet, unfortunately, but I can say that it quickly grew to be one of the most satisfying I've ever worked on. My part included art direction for the UI, wireframing and prototyping certain interfaces, as well as keeping the design system (GUI kit, styleguide) updated and consistent for all of the necessary additions to the UI.

Additional artwork by Abigail Jameson, Dominik Zdenković


2D Platformer by Ankama Games

One of the first games I've ever worked upon, it was an incredible experience. I was part of the UI team, responsible for sketching, testing concepts, gathering assets together and putting them together into coherent, minimal and fluently animated, cartoony interfaces, according to specifications and guidelines.

Development and art by Ankama Games

When necessary, I prototype many of my designs and animations using Codepen, SCSS, HTML5, Construct and Webflow, both for mobile and fullscreen platforms.

Other projects


Unmapped Horizon

Personal passion project, Rogue-like

Something I like working on whenever I have a little bit of spare time; designed, drawn, animated and programmed fully on my own, with complex UI systems and immersive atmosphere.

Sky Empires

Casual, Protected under NDA

Turn-based combat in a casual format. My role included getting a tight hold on styleguide as a part of six-person UI team. I've kept the project consistent, maintained the stylistic choices and laid down some of the more complicated elements for the GUI.


Puzzle by Test Lab Games

A fairly experiemental and hard-to-master puzzle with a focus on management. I've been tasked with making the UI as unusual and abstract, as it could possibly be. The project never saw the light of day, but it was an important step in my evolution as a UI designer and it taught me a lot of valuable lessons.
I regularly play games myself, my favourites include FEZ and Mirror's Edge. Some of the best interfaces I've ever seen were in Persona 5, Heartstone and Guild Wars II.

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